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Executive Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. As a key decision-maker and influencer, so much of your success and effectiveness hinges on open and candid feedback from trusted sources. More often than not, your key team players will tell you what they think you want to know, not what you need to know.

What if you had a trusted confidante and advisor, who you could hold private counsel with at any time about anything?

  • Getting your department heads to drop the infighting and come together as a true team.
  • Dealing with a problematic employee that’s too valuable to lose.
  • Rediscovering your life amidst the intense demands and pressures of a high-profile career.

Over the past fifteen years, I have served as a trusted counsel to dozens of senior executives and CEOs, helping them resolve critical business as well as personal challenges similar to the above.

In the beginning of our work together, I like to spend several half-day sessions getting to know you better and tuning in deeply to your goals, your dreams, your aspirations and your challenges. Based on these initial meetings, I will work with you to develop a working arrangement that best matches your needs and situation.

Whether you are a small business owner, executive in an early-stage company or a Fortune 500, I can help you navigate major work and life transitions, bring about lasting change in your organization, and achieve a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Please contact me to set-up a free, initial consultation to see if this service relationship is right for you

Aligning Teams

Companies spend countless dollars sending low-performing groups to off-site trainings to help them become a “team.” In these trainings, group members typically spend hours in a classroom learning concepts, participate in an outdoor ropes experience together, or do simulated survival exercises to figure out how to achieve that well-known synergy equation of 2 + 2 = 5.

While these methods can be valuable, my focus is on enabling your group to transform into a team while working together on their actual day-to-day problems and challenges. This program focuses on the “real stuff” that is causing group conflict, frustration, and turmoil, and uses it as a vehicle to help employees learn new ways of behaving and collaborating.

Put simply, this approach takes “team building” out of the classroom and puts it back in your company’s office suites and conference rooms, where effective teamwork must take place for your firm to achieve productivity and profitability.

Over the dozens of teams I’ve helped with this approach, I’ve developed a clear sense of what participants can expect out of our time together. Specifically, I will help you and your team:

  • Clarify the kinds of goals and results that are essential to accomplish.
  • Identify the principles and shared values to guide team interactions.
  • Monitor progress and get regular results against your goals.
  • Learn how to problem solve collaboratively.
  • Clarify individual and team responsibilities.
  • Make decisions that get implemented.
  • Operate in a cooperative and collaborative manner that transforms the group into a true team.

If these results sound exciting to you, I invite you to contact me to set-up a free, initial consultation to discuss your team development needs and objectives.

Cultivating Leaders

Cultivating leaders within your organization is the most valuable investment of time and resources you can make.

More often than not, executives and managers send key staff to an off-site program for a few days at a significant cost, only to wonder months later how much return on investment was actually gained.

What if you could offer your staff a skilled guide and coach who provided individualized mentorship over months, so that dramatic results in how they lead and managed was visibly seen and felt by you and their co-workers?

My approach to mentoring leaders is to create a highly customized and personalized development program for a small group of your rising stars. As part of the program, participants identify learning goals and stretch assignments, which are selected to affect real change and achieve real results on-the-job when put into action.

This cutting edge program typically lasts for 6-12 months, and consists of:

  • An extensive 360º assessment component
  • Intensive small-group learning labs in ½-day or full day formats
  • Regular one-on-one coaching
  • Unlimited email & phone support

I have a proven track record of transforming staff and managers into effective leaders that positively impact the organization on many levels. I invite you to let me demonstrate the value of this unique approach in your organization. Contact me for more information.

Mindful Strategy

Over the years, I’ve developed a proven methodology for taking new corporate initiatives or priorities, and providing a highly effective framework and process for moving from concept to results.

Whether you are looking to launch a new operational effectiveness initiative, implement a new business process, revitalize your strategic plan, or solve a complex challenge with your manufacturing or service delivery operations, I provide clients with a trusted advisor, strategist, and planning partner to develop a process and methodology for a successful implementation that delivers results.

While my approach is highly customized to each client situation, you can expect that our work together will result in the following:

  • A transparent process that engages staff from the ground up to ensure a high-degree of participation and buy-in
  • Alignment of the top leadership team around a common vision for success
  • Problem-solving the key challenges and roadblocks that may impact what we are setting out to accomplish
  • Strategic team development that fosters cooperative planning and focused action.

If you are about to launch a new initiative, and want to ensure your implementation pathway leads to success, please contact me to set up an initial consultation.

Steve dewwart

Your presence is
your Power


I serve as a trusted guide and way finder, offering leaders a roadmap to grow and evolve on their own terms.

By creating a potent field for deep inquiry, ideation, and mindful strategy, I guide clients beyond the intellect. Together we delve into the heart and essence of what wants to emerge. From there we co-create a roadmap and strategy to step into a big and bold vision that is real, authentic, and inspired.

Instead of operating from a static model, I offer a process that will evolve as you evolve. Conscious leaders never stop learning because they never stop seeking. These are the people I serve.

I believe each of us is here to be a vessel for positive transformation.

Here's a question for you: Are you willing to be a vessel? Are you courageous and open enough to step beyond the known and into the greater potential waiting for you?

If so, let’s talk.


Helped the CFO and his entire division of this world-renowned state institution develop a strategic goal setting and review process to transform and modernize their operations while engaging staff in the process.
Helped the President & Owner of this nationally recognized company grow his team and his business from $500K to over $5M in annual sales and a 10X increase in profit while nurturing a sustainable culture in the process.
Helped this top-tier research institution transform it’s leadership and culture by providing over 100 separate programs and coaching engagements focused on authenticity and workplace engagement impacting 1,000+ staff members over a 15-year span.
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"Steve's impressive background in coaching and M&A work makes his insights incredibly relevant to me as a founding CEO and as a human being trying to access my best self in all areas of my life. His diverse range helps him be a crystal clear mirror helping me see myself, my vision, my actions and any potential roadblocks clearly. What I've known to be true becomes within reach when working with Steve. I always feel clearer and more aligned after my interactions with him. In a technology startup, where clarity is more important than speed or even power, Steve's work has made a measurable impact on how I lead and problem solve in the presence of huge opportunity as well as mass uncertainty."
Walter Roth
Founder & CEO, Inward
I have worked with Steve both at University of California, Santa Barbara and San Francisco State University for over seven years. Steve gets my highest recommendation as a truly talented strategist and coach, particularly within the Higher Education sector. His ability to recognize, understand and provide guidance in all nuances of our business, with such confidence, insightfulness and versatility, makes him a true professional at his craft. Moreover, his ability to recognize and integrate strategic planning efforts in a pragmatic manner, has served to strengthen and renew the caliber of leadership and organizational planning in our organization. I highly recommend Steve Dewart for your organization.
Ron Cortez
Vice President & CFO, San Francisco State University
"Steve is a supremely gifted facilitator, first - because it is who he is. This gift is in his DNA, heart and soul. Steve seamlessly weaves the high art of facilitation, with the clarion call of the Hero's Journey into that rare alchemy where purpose is elegantly transformed into coherent form - complete with an aligned and actionable path forward. He sees with discerned clarity what wants to emerge in a person and a group, gently untangles what may be stuck, and calls forth the threads needed to create the tapestry of purpose, principles and process forward. His compassion holds discernment without judgement. His acuity of orchestration enables the truth, and the challenges therein - to rise forward with ease that surprises. Throughout Steve's facilitation, his extraordinary mastery of language translates the seen, unseen and emergent into wholeness that is nothing short of awe inspiring."
Amber Nystrom
Impact Investor
I have been privileged to work with Steve both on strategic planning for our organization and as my executive coach. Steve brings outstanding skills to both processes. With impeccable credentials and a wealth of experience, Steve is knowledgeable of both the theories and the methods. He is a great listener who empathizes with his clients. I became a better leader, a better manager, and I think a better person, after working with Steve.
Jean-Xavier Guinard
Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director, UCEAP
"Steve has been an integral part of building a sound foundation of our newly formed partnership. Steve's approach to foundation building and recognizing potential conflicts in advance of problems has helped build a sound system for business and partnership growth. We will continually use Steve's services throughout the life of our business. I would highly encourage any business to consult Steve for a consultation any any stage of development."
Matt Booth
Partner & Owner, Alpenglow Veterinary Center
I have known Steve Dewart as a friend and collaborator for 15 years. He is a client-centered professional who constantly seeks to verify that we are satisfied with the results of his consultations. In Steve’s process, organizations and people are seen as living organic parts that need to grow and flourish for the organization as a whole to be a healthy and productive ecosystem. Steve has helped us craft a vision for our work environment that allows our employees at all levels to be fulfilled, productive, and valued. In essence, Steve has helped us grow from good to great. I highly endorse his services to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him in the future.
Willie Brown
Executive Director, UC Santa Barbara

I serve high-impact leaders and influential change-makers who are dedicated to embracing their authenticity, owning their presence as their power, and giving their gifts fully in service.

In my coaching work with executives and groups, I create a container for deep transformational work that translates into real impact and lasting results. I believe in the power of visionary leaders and inspired teams to affect profound change, and as a trusted facilitator and guide have developed a process that supports organizations to realize this potential.

With a graduate degree in clinical and organizational psychology, a ten-year apprenticeship under a master coach, and over fifteen years of real-world consulting experience, I have seen what's possible when leaders recognize the power of authenticity and companies commit to transformation.

From tech giants such as Google and top research institutions like the University of California and Cornell University to dozens of small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits, my track record and accomplishments speak for themselves.

If you are willing to take a journey deeper into your truth, to fully embody your presence and gifts, and to commit to serving others from a place of true power, then let’s work together.

For a more formal bio, click here.

Steve Dewart is an organizational consultant, strategist, and leadership coach, with over fifteen years of experience providing mentorship and guidance to key leaders of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, including Google, University of California, University of Colorado,, as well as dozens of small business and non-profit clients.

Steve was a Co-Founder and Partner in Orion West, a global consulting firm based in Santa Barbara, California. In his role with Orion West, Steve provided coaching, mentorship and guidance to the Presidents, CEOs and senior managers of key client organizations, including a major utility company, several software companies and a major public educational institution.

Over the past fifteen years, Steve has led over 100 programs, initiatives, and coaching assignments at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and is lead architect and facilitator of a multi-year system transformation and operational effectiveness initiative. In 2005, he was recognized as a “Mentor of Exceptional Service” by UCSB for his outstanding contributions to creating a positive work culture.

Before joining Orion West, Steve Dewart was head of Corporate Development for Star Telecom, a billion-dollar, international service company. In this position, Steve played a leading role in successfully managing the integration process of four acquisitions; developed and led a highly innovative leadership development program; served as an executive coach to senior-level personnel; as well as facilitated strategic planning and problem-solving sessions for department leaders.

Prior to his work with Star, Steve was a consultant with Pro-Change Behavior Systems, a firm specializing in helping large organizations manage major organizational change initiatives. He is co-author on several published articles dealing with strategies and techniques for managing large-scale change initiatives in institutional settings.

Steve earned his M.A. in Organizational Psychology at the University of Rhode Island and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Duke University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.